Linux shell script to restart a Movilmax router when Internet is down

Movilmax is a WiMax provider available in Venezuela, visit:

Modelo SMT-S3500 (Figura anterior) Frecuencia central 2.5 MHz Ancho de banda 10 MHz Dimensión 190 mm x 146 mm x 129 mm Peso 0.85 kg Temperatura +5 ~ + 45° C Humedad 5 ~ 95 % Velocidad estándar DL 1Mbps, UL 512kbps Rango de velocidad DL 4Mbps ~ UL 2Mbps Consumo de energía 15W

I made a linux shell script to restart a Movilmax router (showed before) when Internet gateway is down that can be inserted in crontab. Click here to download the script

I publish it here because it is interesting in case you are having trouble with the estability of your WiMax signal.

Updated: 2010/01/19


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